The Hague, The Netherlands


Ambassador of The Republic of Angola in The Netherlands

Mr. Alberto do Carmo Bento Ribeiro

Professional Experience

1961-1968: Sales Application Engineer for computers, EAI-Electronic Associates, Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany.;

1968-1975: Director, Telecommunication Services of the National Liberation Struggle;

1975-1978: State Secretary for Communications, covering the areas of post and telecommunications and civil aviation;

1978:1982: Co-Chair of the Joint Commission for Economic Co-operation with Italy;

1978-1980: Minister of Industry and Energy, covering the areas of manufacturing, geology, mining industry and petroleum;

1980-1984: Minister of Industry, covering the areas of manufacturing, geology and mining industry;

1980-1986: Deputy of the National Assembly;

1984-1989: Lecturer of Telecommunications Engineering at the National University of Angola, Luanda;

1989-1990: Ambassador of Angola in the settlement process for the independence of Namibia;

1990-1993: Ambassador of Angola to Namibia;

1994-2000: Ambassador of Angola to Zimbabwe;

2000-2011: Ambassador of Angola to Germany;

2011-2014: Ambassador of Angola to the United State of America;

2014-today: Ambassador of Angola to the Kingdom of Netherlands;

Spoken Languages: Fluent in Portuguese, French, English, Germany and Spanish


Ambassador Alberto D.C.B. Ribeiro was born in Luanda, Angola, on the 21. December 1941, where he finished the Primary and Secondary Schools.
After attending University in Lisbon, Portugal, and Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany, he worked as Applications Engineer for a computer firm in Germany, and became later Director of the Telecommunications Service of the National Liberation Struggle.
He is a member of the Society for Information Technology- “ITG” in the German Institution of Electrical Engineers- “VDE, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker”.
After independence, he served in the government in

several posts, at first as State Secretary and then as Minister, Until 1984.
He was Deputy of the National Assembly from 1980 to 1986. After leaving the government he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering of the University in Luanda. He was appointed Ambassador in 1989, to follow the settlement process in Namibia and remained in Southern Africa representing the Republic of Angola in different assignments. He participated in several meetings and conferences related with the normalization process in Southern Africa and published several papers on the settlement of conflicts in the region.
He is a Roman Catholic, married with 5 children.

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