The Hague, The Netherlands


We, the people of Angola, through our legitimate representatives, Members of the Nation freely elected in parliamentary elections in September 2008;
Aware that these elections are part of the long tradition of struggle of the Angolan people for the conquest of their citizenship and independence, proclaimed on 11 November 1975, when it came into effect on the first Constitutional Law of the Angola’s history, courageously preserved by collective sacrifices to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity;
Received, through the popular choice and that by virtue of Article 158º of the Constitutional Law of 1992, the noble and unwavering mandate to draw up and agreement to the Constitution of the Republic of Angola;
Aware of the importance and value that it covers the drafting and adoption of the first and fundamental law of the State and the Angolan society;
Noting that the Constitution of the Republic of Angola joins and relates directly to the already long and persistent struggle of the Angolan people, first, to resist colonial occupation, then to gain independence and dignity of a sovereign State and, later, to building, in Angola, a democratic State of law and a just society;
Invoking the memory of our ancestors and appealing to the wisdom of the lessons of our shared history of our ancient traditions and cultures that enrich our unit;
Inspired by the best lessons from the African tradition – the substrate of the culture and identity of Angola;
Coated with a culture of tolerance and deeply committed to reconciliation, equality, justice and development;
Determined to build a society based on equality of opportunity, commitment, brotherhood and unity in diversity;
Determined to build, together, a just society and progress with respect to life, equality, diversity and dignity of persons;
Recalling that the current Constitution is the culmination of the process of constitutional transition started in 1991 with the approval by the People’s Assembly, Law nº 12/91, which established a multiparty democracy, guarantees of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and market economic system, changes in depth later, the the Constitutional Revision Law nº 23/92;
Reaffirming our commitment to the values and principles of independence, sovereignty and unity of the democratic state of law, pluralism of expression and political organization, the separation and balance of powers of sovereignty, the market economic system and respect and guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms of the human, which constitute the structure of this Constitution;
Aware that a constitution as this is, by shared values, principles and standards molded in it, an important factor of national unity and a strong lever for the development of State and society;
Committing ourselves solemnly in strict compliance and with respect this Constitution and aspiring to the same position is the matrix of the behavior of citizens, political forces and all Angolan society;
Thus, invoking and honoring the memory of all the heroes and every one of Angola and Angolans who lost their lives in defense of the Homeland;
Faithful to the highest aspirations of the Angolan people for stability, dignity, freedom, development and construction of a modern country, prosperous, inclusive, democratic and socially just;
Committed to the legacy for future generations and in the exercise of our sovereignty;
We approved this Constitution as Fundamental Supreme Law of the Republic of Angola.

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